Save thousands of dollars in wall surface repair and replacement costs.

The Baseboard Bumper is a wall deflector system specifically designed for housekeeping carts.

Patented design by hotel experts.

Prevent Costly Damage

The Baseboard Bumper deflector system prevents scuffs, scratches and tears caused by housekeeping carts.

During daily use, hotel housekeeping carts hit the decorative surfaces of hallways. Prevent costly damage with the Baseboard Bumper!

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Save on Capital Expenditures

With a minimal investment per housekeeping cart you can protect the professional image of your overall property.

Your petty cash could possibly cover the cost to retrofit your housekeeping carts.

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Easy to Install

In a matter of minutes, easily install each Baseboard Bumper to your housekeeping carts.

A set of Baseboard Bumpers comes equipped with all of the necessary hardware and can be installed in about five minutes.

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Protect your property with Baseboard Bumper!

Here’s what our customers have to say.

I would strongly recommend this product to any hotel owner wishing to not only save money on repairs and replacements but the added benefit of guests not seeing scratched and torn hallway and lobby walls and baseboard. This product is a great investment.
Sunny Sethi
Vice President – Hotel Division
Jackies International & Certified Hospitality

I encourage you to carefully consider Baseboard Bumper quite simply, one of the most qualified and capable products of saving hotels thousands on wall vinyl investments.

Angela CrouseGeneral Manger, Hampton Inn North Little Rock

I would like to recommend the Baseboard Bumper to any hotel looking for the answer to the never ending tearing of your wall vinyl and scarring of your walls caused by housekeeping carts, luggage carts and maintenance carts.

Stephanie BrowningGeneral Manager, Hampton Inns Tulsa

Extend the life of your decorative walls today!